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January 18

A.A. Milne was born on this day in 1882 in London, England.

Here, from the NYC Public Library, is
The Real Pooh Timeline

1920 -- August 21, Christopher Robin Milne born.

1921 -- August 21, 18" - high teddy bear (Winnie-the-Pooh), from Harrod's in London, given to Christopher Robin Milne on his first birthday.

1924 -- When We Were Very Young published.

1926 --Winnie-the-Pooh published.

1927 --Now We Are Six published.

1928 -- The House at Pooh Corner published.

1947 -- Former Dutton Publishing president Elliott Macrae visits A.A. Milne at his house in Surrey, and sees the original toy animals that inspired Winnie-the-Pooh. The real Pooh and friends tour the United States.

1956 -- The real Pooh and friends put on display at E.P. Dutton & Co. Publishers in New York City.

1969 -- The real Pooh and friends make a temporary visit back to England for an exhibition of the drawings of Ernest H. Shepard, on the occasion of the illustrator's 90th birthday.

1973 -- Winnie-the-Pooh, new edition with color illustrations by Ernest H. Shepard, published.

1976 -- The real Pooh and friends make their last trip to England to participate in the 50th birthday of Winnie-the-Pooh arranged by Methuen & Company Publishers.

1987 -- September 11, Presentation of the real Pooh and friends to The New York Public Library, where they are put on display for the public.

1988 -- The real Pooh and friends receive professional conservation treatment that includes vacuuming and assorted repairs.

1998 -- Pooh and his friends become the center of international attention when a British Member of Parliament decides they should be returned to England.

The United States and England agree that Pooh and his friends are happy and healthy on American soil, and it is unanimously decided that they will remain at The New York Public Library


Saints celebrating feast days today include Saint Prisca, Saint Volusian, and Saint Deicolus or Desle.

Jane Horrocks, whose performance in "Little Voice" made her a household word in this house (as though her work in "Absolutely Fabulous" weren't enough) celebrates her birthday today (1964).

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