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May 6

Dear Rita,

No No No.

I did not misspell "annals" and I did not make this up. I am not and never have been John Cleese.

This is just like the time I lived next door to a 10-year-old girl who believed I was really a princess and somehow I had fallen out of favor with my family and was forced to live in lower-middle-class squalor. If having absolutely no evidence to support her theory hadn't stopped her from developing it, nothing I could say would convince her she was wrong.

And then there was the time I was working at a refinery (paving the way in blood, sweat, and tears for today's woman to be handed high-paying non-traditional jobs while dismissing feminists as strident over-reacting man-hating lesbians--GOD LIFE IS SO UNFAIR) and a rumor started going around that I was Howard Cosell's daughter.

All I can figure is that I must present myself as riddled with inconsistency, and that some explanation is required.

Damned if I can understand it. Anyway, I don't have time for this right now...have to get out and feed the pigs before they discover that chickens are edible.


Princess Marilyn


Saints today include Evodius, Edbert, and Petronax (who is not the saint invoked against hairballs).


Some good birthdays today including Sigmund Freud (1856), Rudolph Valentino (1895), Orson Welles (1915), and Willie Mays (1931).


Henry David Thoreau died on this day in 1862 according to two of my sources, but a third states that his final journal entry was on November 3 of that year. Marlene Dietrich died on May 6, 1992.


John Deere made its first steel plow in 1833 on this day. The Hindenburg exploded and fell to the ground in Lakehurst, New Jersey, on May 6, 1937, killing 36. On this day in 1950, pretty little Elizabeth Taylor was married for the first time. Four years later to the day Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute-mile (3:59:4). While the date of the sale of Manhattan Island was given in a previous Saint Report as May 4, other sources give the date as today (1626).

The Saint Report was originally based on three references and is now pulling data out of more than ten, and that is BOOKS and not even counting the internet. In some ways, I was better off with only three.


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