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November 6

Fabulous Figs:
Fiber-Filled, Fat-Free,
Fresh from Fresno Family Farms

 You think you are going to maybe get a paragraph from something and it turns into War and Peace. So it is with National Fig Week.

Carolyn Hughes of the California Fig Advisory Board was kind enough to send copies of the press releases that advised the media about National Fig Week, and while the information was well-presented, interesting, and newsworthy, I think she missed the boat by downplaying the sex angle.
Saints celebrating feast days today include Illtud, Leonard (patron saint of childbirth, horses, prisoners of war, other prisoners, coppersmiths, blacksmiths, locksmiths, porters, coal miners, sometimes greengrocers and coopers, and is invoked against robbery), Melaine, Mennas, Winnoc, Barlaam, Demetrian, and Theobald.
The only birthday I deem important today is Sally Field's.

If you recall the old Batman television series, you might remember that the star of the show was Adam West. I read an article about him recently and he was explaining his disappearance from The Vast Wasteland as having been the result of terminal typecasting. It seems that he wasn't allowed to live down Batman and was forever after dramatically doomed to play either camp superheroes or nothing at all.

What a crock. What a whiner.

Adam West wasn't, as Sally Field was, afflicted by chronic cuteness. He wasn't, as Whoopi Goldberg was, very unusual visually and stuck with the name Whoopi. If he had real ambition and/or real talent, the character of Batman would have been relegated to the same shelf as The Flying Nun and Gidget.

What? What sex angle? Well, everyone knows about the fig leaves on statuary and those cunning little fig leaf aprons that Adam and Eve wore. Let's see some illustrations here.

And Carolyn barely touched on the Olympics (more sex):

"The first Olympic athletes ate dried figs as part of their training regimen
and were presented with figs as the first Olympic medals."

What she failed to mention was that the first Olympic athletes were stark naked. Now here was an opportunity for presenting the fig in a whole new light. Maybe next year.

The California Fig Advisory Board has a fig bar recipe for the asking. The EMail address is info@californiafigs.com.

Speaking of fig bars, or Fig Newtons, Nabisco has a great web site (www.nabisco.com) with its own search engine. When you plug in "fig newton" you get a whole bunch of places to go to learn all about Fig Newtons, except why they are called Fig Newtons. Like Indiana and Hoosier, Nabisco isn't sure why they call their cookies Fig Newtons. Well, they know why the fig, just not the Newton. What they are sure about is that we eat about a billion (really) of them annually and that they are the third most popular cookie in the country.

So jump right in the car and head for the store. It's fig season! Fill up with fistfuls of the fat-free, fiber-full, fitness fruit!

Finally finished.

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